-News Photographer, February 2011

“Most photographers regard small-town newspapers as an unavoidable starting point, a place to endure before getting out as soon as the next job offer comes along. Not Anderson. He breaks the mold. In a quarter century of of shooting black-and-white at the Ketchikan Daily News, he’s made himself family to the people whose lives he puts in the paper.”—Stephen Wolgast-News Photographer

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In this lovely book, Anderson presents 100 of the photographs that he took for the Ketchikan Daily News since 1984. Mainly a storyteller (as opposed to a documentary or art photographer), his images show us two small boys fishing at the city park; a candlelit rally in the days after 9/11; an abandoned bear cub looking over the shoulder of one of its rescuers; and members of a Japanese-American family proudly sitting at the counter of their downtown café. Clearly showing that it's not only the "A-list" photographers who can create interesting and moving work, Anderson's volume will appeal to any reader interested in good photography.

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