Hall Anderson has been using his camera to capture the Alaska adventure since his first visit to Ketchikan in 1977. In 1979, he set up a darkroom and taught photography during a residency in Port Alexander, a small fishing community on the southernmost tip of Baranof Island.

He followed that residency with another in 1980 in Coffman Cove, a logging camp on Prince of Wales Island.
Anderson’s photography got its formal start in 1969, when he took his first class in black- and-white photography at the University of Oregon. He continued his studies in the program until 1975.

In 1979-’80, he received an artist-in-residence grant for photography with the Lane Regional Arts Council in Eugene, Oregon. This job paved the way for his two photography residencies with the Southeast Island School District in its remote communities in 1979 and 1980.

After a brief stint with the Ketchikan Daily News in the summer of 1983, he became a full-time staff photographer with the newspaper in 1984, where he remains to this day.

He has won honors consistently for his work there, from the Alaska Press Club to the Society of Professional Journalists to the National Press Photographers Association.

Exhibitions: Solo and Two Person

  Tongass Historical Museum, Ketchikan, Alaska Hall Anderson's Ketchikan
2009    Alaska State Museum, Juneau, Alaska Solo Artist Exhibit Series, Hall Anderson's Ketchikan
1998    Soho Coho, Ketchikan, Alaska The Big Picture Show – solo exhibition
1993    5 Star Café, Ketchikan, Alaska Cold Duck Time & Other Scenic Adventures from Southeast Alaska – solo exhibition
1991    Tongass Historical Museum, Ketchikan, Alaska Tent City: Life in the Blue Zoo solo exhibition
1990    Main Street Gallery, Ketchikan, Alaska Paris & Other Places, On the Street, Off the Street – solo exhibition
1989    Bucci’s Café, Emeryville, CA, The Green Room Gallery Paris & Other Places, On the Street, Off the Beat – solo exhibition
1982    Maude Kerns Art Center, Eugene, Oregon  Mexico – solo exhibition
1980    Oregon Repertory Theater, Eugene, Oregon – solo exhibition
1979-80 Travelling Show Architecture in Lane County – solo exhibition
1976    Solid Ingenuity, Eugene, Oregon One by Two, with Allen Cox - two person

Selected Awards & Grants

2006    Rasmuson Foundation Project Award-$12,000 for photography book
2005    Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, ‘Capturing the Moment’ photo show, Second Place Award $250 – Inspired Listener
1998    Alaska Positive Statewide Photo Show, Recognition Award Underground Moment purchased for Alaska State Museum
1993    % For Art Project, Ketchikan, Alaska, Ketchikan High School –Two photographs
1991    Alaska State Council on the Arts: Artist Fellowship  $5000 for darkroom
1991    Rarefied Light, Alaska Touring Exhibition, Two Honorable Mentions 
1988    University of Alaska Museum, Fairbanks, Purchase Awards: Two Photographs
1980    Artist Residency, Artist-in-the-Schools, Southeast Island School District, Port  Alexander, Alaska & Coffman Cove, Alaska-one month photography workshops for students and community members

NPPA (National Press Photographers Association) Monthly Clip Contest
Region 11: Alaska, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia & Yukon papers

2005    Feature  “Child & choir” (Inspired Listener) –First place
2004    News  “Fully Engulfed House Fire” – Second place
1999    News  “Capsized Boat” – Third place
1994    Feature  “Swearing-In” – Third place
1993    Feature  “Past & Present” – Second Place
1992    Photo Story “Tent City: Life in the Blue Zoo” – Second place


2012    Still Rainin' - Still Dreamin': Hall Anderson's Ketchikan - A monograph featuring 100 B&W photographs of Ketchikan area covering 25 years

Special Honors

2014  Grand Marshal - 4th of July Parade - Ketchikan, Alaska
2015  Commencement speaker - Ketchikan High School, Class of 2015

Society of Professional Journalists/Excellence in Journalism
(Newspapers under 16,000 Circulation Pacific Northwest)

1989    Feature – Third place
1988    Portrait – Second Place
1985    Page Layout – Third place
1984    Portrait “First Day of School” – First

Alaska Press Club Photography Awards

    Best News Photo "Big Discovery" First place
2010    Best Scenic  “Morning Fog” Second place
2009    Best Feature  “Make Mine To Go” First place
2008    Best Feature   “Just Do It”  First place
2006    Best Feature  “Inspired Listener”  First place
2003    Best Feature  “Inside Out”  Second place
2003    Best Portrait  “Shark Art-Ray Troll”  Third place
2000    Best Feature  “On the Rocks”  Second place
1998    Best News Photo  “Rescued”  Second place
1998    Best Feature  “Fountain of Youth”  Second place
1997    Best Feature  “Family Affair”  First place
1997    Best Feature  “Seconds” Third place
1997    Best Sports Photo  “Balance Act”  Second place
1997    Best News Photo Best Friend Third place
1997    Best Portait  “Learning the Trade”  Third place
1996    Best Portrait  “Mending the Net”  First place
1996    Best Feature  “Santa Cools Off”  Third place
1995    Best Feature  “First Recital”  Honorable Mention
1993    Best News Photo  “Mopping Up”  Third place
1992    Best Sports Photo “Chin Ball”  Second place
1992    Best Feature “Scoring some Z’s”  Third place
1991    Best Portrait “An Old Tradition”  First place
1991    Best Scenic Photo  “Electric Sky”  First place
1985    Best Feature Second place

Workshops and Education


1988    Developing the Photo Story, Ketchikan, Alaska with David & Cheri Hiser
1983    Photography as a Document: Friends of Photography, Carmel, CA with Danny Lyon, Mary Ellen Mark, Burke Uzzle, Bill Jay, Louis Bernal, Morrie Camhi
1971    Photographing the American West: One month field workshops on large format landscape photography throughout the American West with Bernard Freemesser


1981    Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Oregon
1969-75  Photography as a Fine Art, with Bernard Freemesser, George Beltran & David Featherstone, University of Oregon

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